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Olive Almond Oil

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Product Weight: 100 ml

Blended with the goodness of olives and almonds Vidhyanjali’s Olive-Almond Oil is perfect for infants. It provides nourishment to their soft skin. Almond oil contains Vitamin E and D, it has anti-inflammatory properties which helps in getting rid of skin irritation, redness or rashes. Both Olive and Almond are all season natural moisturizer that prevents baby’s skin from drying up however use generously in winter and moderately in summers. It relaxes the muscles, promotes circulation which helps in better sleep and also helps infants to gain muscle mass quickly.

Key Ingredients

Olive Oil

Almond Oil

Ingredient's Source

It's source
Olive Oil
California, USA
Almond Oil
Cold pressed from the Gurbandi & Mamra organically grown in Afghanistan

Best For

  • Normal skin
  • Oily skin
  • Combination skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Dry skin


It works on Kapha and Vata Doshas keeping the skin hydrated and supple.


Almond oil helps in balancing the Root Chakra which is located at the base of the spine. When this chakra is in balance, we feel grounded, secure, and have a confident relationship with money. In excess of the root chakra, we can become lazy, overweight, and hoard objects. Conversely, when we have too little, we are flighty, distracted, underweight, and lose objects frequently.

Apart from it, it also helps in balancing the Crown Chakra and the Throat Chakra. It has deep cleansing properties hence it works as a purifier for energy channels.



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Colour Therapy

Green and Yellow Prana along with Golden color works wonder for cleansing the entire body and helps to stay away from negative thoughts, emotions, and energies. It also brings relaxation and stimulates the subtle flow of energies in the body.

Seasonal Concerns

Cold, cough, congestion due to climate change can be handled well by Almond Oil. It also tightens the skin giving it a sheen and a soft texture.

How To Use


Gently massage with slightly warm oil all over the body including face and hair.


Leave it for half an hour and then give a bath to the baby.


Use it again post bath instead of a baby lotion to retain moisture.


Product Weight: 100 ml

Blended with the goodness of olives and almonds Vidhyanjali’s Olive-Almond Oil is perfect for infants. It...

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