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Did You Know?

Arham Mudras

(1).Arihant Mudra

Benefits - 1) Laziness is overcome.
2) Diseases related to the waist and spine are removed.
3) Increases stature.
4) New energy is infused.
5) Reduction in obesity.

(2).Siddha Mudra

Benefits - 1) Blood pressure remains controlled.
2) Relaxation in cardiovascular diseases.
3) Respiratory disease is cured.
4) By continuous practice you can measure your energy.

(3).Acharya Mudra

Benefits - 1) Increases concentration.
2) Memory increases.
3) Mental stress decreases.
4) The shoulders are strong.

(4).Upadyay Mudra

Benefits - 1) Relaxation in cervical (neck) pain.
2) Relaxation in frozen solder (shoulder pain).
3) Relaxation in wrist pain.
4) Eclipse of knowledge.

(5).Sadhu Mudra

Benefits - 1) Development of humility.
2) Growth of positive thinking.
3) Relaxation in stomach-back disease.
4) Benefits in insomnia.
5) Benefits in diseases like diabetes.