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Gudvita - 250g

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Gudvita (Organic jaggery drink for good health)

Ingredients - Organic jaggery powder/ dried sugarcane juice,cocoa beans, almond, cashew, pistacho, watermelon seeds & pumpkin seeds.

Usage - Add 1 tea spoon of Gudvita in a glass of milk and enjoy healthy chocolaty jaggery latte.

Why jaggery?

Organic jaggery is used in Gudvita as it is healthier than sugar and nutrient rich. It contains good amount of calcium,zinc, ,iron ,phosphorus, antioxidants & vitamins.

Daily consumption of 1 glass of Gudvita Latte will help in purifying blood, improves bones and teeth, controls acid formation, improves digestion, removes joint pain,
boosts muscle mass, improves hemoglobin, reduce stress & tone skin.

Gudvita (Organic jaggery drink for good health)


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