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Carrot Seed Essential Oil - 10 ML

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Product Weight: 10 ml

Carrot seed oil is extracted from the carrot plant, Daucus carota. Extracts vary since there are so many species of carrot. However, it typically contains three bioflavanoids, all derivatives of luteolin, a cancer-fighting antioxidant found in many fruits.

Key Ingredients

100% natural Carrot seeds Oil

Ingredient's Source

It's source
100% natural carrot seed Oil

Best For

  • Normal skin
  • Oily skin
  • Combination skin
  • Sensitive skin
  • Dry skin


Carrot Seed essential oil works best for Pitta and Vata Doshas making the skin, smooth and soft.


This works best on the Basic or the Root Chakra. When basic chakra is in balance, one feels grounded, secure, and have a confident relationship with money. In excess of the basic chakra, one can become lazy, overweight, and hoard objects. Conversely, when one have too little, they are flighty, distracted, underweight, and lose objects frequently.


It will ease the digestion problem and anxiety issues. 

They like to see the best in the people around them so this will help them to enhance their personality, promote good health and reduce inflammation.

Colour Therapy

Carrot Seed oil is associated with the Orange and Green color. It has a cleansing quality that clears a saddened heart and physically too, it helps purify the liver.


How To Use


It is strongly recommended to dilute it with a carrier oil (any massage oil) before applying on the skin.


For sunscreen, mix few drops in your regular serum or cream and apply just before leaving out in sun.


Caution 1

Do not apply directly on the skin.

Caution 2

For external use only. Keep away from eyes.


Product Weight: 10 ml

Carrot seed oil is extracted from the carrot plant, Daucus carota....

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