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Join our sales team and promote the message of cruelty-free vegan products- Be an Ahinsa Pracharak/Affiliate Partner!


1. Self Motivated, enthusiastic, love for animals, eagerness to learn and earn, firm belief in our products is mandatory.

2. Should have a valid ID Proof.

3. Registration FREE.

4. Mandatory purchase of products worth INR 5000 of your choice at 10% discount (Refer to sales policy).

5. Repeat order of minimum INR 3000 in a year from the date of membership to continue as an Ahinsa Pracharak.

6. Kindly read carefully our policies and documents(as below) for more details.



1. Fill up the Ahinsa Pracharak registration form as appended below.

2. Mail us the following documents at

- Passport Size Photograph

- Adhaar Card/Any other Valid ID Proof

3. On approval, start your journey as a registered Ahinsa Pracharak by logging in and making your first purchase of INR 5000.



1. 10-21% discount on all products after being Ahinsa Pracharak (refer to sales policy). 

2. Ahinsa Pracharak Authorized Identity card for doing up various on-ground activities.

3. Eligibility for Reward Point System to avail various Gifts, invitation for Gala Events and many more (refer Reward Policy).


Policies & Legal:
Guarantee of Excellence Claim Policy
Reward Policy for Ahinsa Pracharak
Code of Ethics
Sales Policy

For any other issues, reach out to us at: 9810405714