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Lemon HandWash 30ml/280 ml/1000ml/5000ml

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Product Weight: 30ml/280 ml/1000ml/5000ml

Infused with pure coconut oil and extracts of Lemongrass essential oil that will leave your hand cleansed and smooth. Lemon hand wash is suitable for all skin types, its lemon scent keeps you refresh.

Key Ingredients


Coconut Oil



Ingredient's Source

It's source
Coconut Oil
Organic, Cold Rotary Pressed from Kangayam, Tamilnadu
Lemongrass Oil
Lemongrass oil comes from the wild crafted shrub grown near kannuaj to kanpur area
Color (FDA Approved, Color Code CI61545, EWG - Safe)

Best For

  • Normal skin
  • Oily skin
  • Combination skin
  • Sensitive skin


Works best on all Vatta, Pitta, and Kapha Doshas. Lemon oil helps in deep cleansing and clearing the excess oil (sebum) produced.


Lemon essential oil works on the Solar Plexus Chakra. The solar plexus chakra is a source of power, digestion, and self awareness. This is the part of the body where there is fire. When the Solar Plexus is in balance, we have optimal digestion, excellent self awareness, and appropriate assertiveness.

Coconut Oil on the other hand works on Basic Chakra. When basic chakra is in balance, one feels grounded, secure, and have a confident relationship with money. In excess of the basic chakra, one can become lazy, overweight, and hoard objects. Conversely, when one have too little, they are flighty, distracted, underweight, and lose objects frequently.



Aquarius individual is rather smart and creative. They know what they want and are willing to work hard to get it, even if it takes a lot of patience and persistence. They’re known for being deep thinkers who aren’t always the best at expressing themselves through communication. However, it’s often easier to read their body language to tell when something is upsetting them or making them feel a certain way.

Aquarius individuals like to think for themselves, making important decisions without always speaking to others. They don’t follow trends and simply go for what they like rather than choosing something because it’s popular or because it’s something that other people like.


The Libra is one of the most genuine of all the astrological signs. Libras are loving, easygoing individuals. They don’t like to get involved in drama and would much rather relax and keep to themselves. They’re creative and they often like to get involved in different activities where they can use their creative minds to their fullest potential.

Because they’re known to be calm, the scents associated with Libras match this personality: earthy and clean. 


The average Gemini is a persuasive individual who likes to have things his or her way. Many people are attracted to this sign simply because Geminis are ambitious and often take on leadership roles. Although they’re charming and ambitious, they are also known to be stubborn.

Based on their personalities, Geminis are linked to floral and fruity scents.


The average Leo is a strong-willed, opinionated individual. They’d much rather move to the beat of their very own drum than do what someone else wants them to do.

The Leo is ambitious and dedicated to his or her work. Once a Leo gets started on something, he or she doesn’t stop until it’s finished. Aside from being dedicated, they’re often more confident than many of the other astrological signs. Both women and men with this astrological sign are bold and enjoy attention, which is why they’re often associated with strong and fruity scents.

Colour Therapy

Green and Yellow colour of Lemon Essential Oil works wonders for cleansing entire body and helps staying away from negative thoughts, emotions and energies, removing mental stress and keeps one more active.

Seasonal Concerns

As most of the seasonal concerns happen due to bacteria/viruses that spread through hands, stringent use of Lemon Hand Wash takes care of them all and  improves immunity.

How To Use


Take a small amount on your palm. Rub it front and back and in between fingers to form lather. Rinse off with running water.


Product Weight: 30ml/280 ml/1000ml/5000ml

Infused with pure coconut oil and extracts of Lemongrass essential oil that will leave your hand cleansed...

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